STL aims to develop the skill-set in the acquired staff  to expert status, this goes a long way to aid in optimized service delivery and smooth workflow in organizations. We achieve this through structuring objective driven Key performance indicators and enhance measurable job descriptions. Talent acquisition refers to the process we use for tracking the performance and behavior of acquired personnel, mentoring and motivating them to achieve optimal performance level.

Finding and hiring the right people is a crucial element of an organization’s business plan and it directly affects the company’s future success. This defines why talent acquisition is a key . Without the right employees, a business is likely to struggle with poor productivity, bad decision-making and unmotivated staff. These factors make it difficult for a business to remain stable in a competitive market.

Talent acquisition is not recruitment, in recruitment, you look to fill vacant positions quickly and without much regard for the candidate’s’ particular specialties, if defined. Recruiting may be seen as reactive, meaning that a position recently opened up and it must be filled while talent acquisition is all about actively searching for the most qualified candidate to hire for a specific position: A person that is self driven by some passion to fill that position. This strategy is common among niche industries such as, medical, technology, legal, and even translation services.